Bless This Mess by David Bazan

In my opinion, David Bazan is one of the best songwriters of our generation. Tragically, he has incredible theological knowledge, but appears to have turned from God some time ago. He grew up the son of a pastor and this comes through in his music. Apparently he never even heard secular music until his early teen years. My guess is that he was very sheltered as a child and possibly saw some hypocritical living from people in his life or experienced something that caused him to have serious bitterness toward God.

The biblical themes throughout his music caught my attention when I first heard David Bazan’s Curse Your Branches. My heart breaks for Bazan. He is obviously trying to wrestle through the head knowledge he has and the obfuscated feelings he has toward Christians, God and church.

His website explains:

“Branches is considered by many to be a legitimate masterpiece. Charting Bazan’s increasingly skeptical struggle with the precepts of the evangelical Christian world in which he was raised…”

“Bazan is a gifted storyteller, weaving parables of spiritual conflict, suburban ennui, and personal surrender into magnetic, well-crafted songs.”

My prayer is that David Bazan, and all the people wrestling with thoughts like his, would come to know the One True God, and the truth that he loves us unconditionally and died so that we could be with Him.

God bless the man who stumbles
God bless the man who falls
God bless the man who yields to temptation

God bless the woman who suffers
God bless the woman who weeps
God bless the children trying her patients

Trouble getting over it
Is what you’re in for
So pour yourself another
‘Cause it’ll take a steady pair of hands

Holy or unholy ghost
Well now I can’t tell, but either way you cut it
You should get some distance if you plan to take a stand

God bless the house divided
God bless the weeds in the wheat
God bless the lamp hid under a bushel

I discovered hell to be the poison in the well
So I tried to warn the others of the curse
But then my body turned on me
I dreamt that for eternity
My family would burn
Then I awoke with a wicked thirst

By my baby’s yellow bed I kissed her forehead and rubbed her little tummy
Wondered if she’d soon despise the smell of the booze on my breath like her mom
And it makes me want to be a better man
After another drink

God bless the man at the crossroads
God bless the woman who still can’t sleep
God bless the history that doesn’t repeat

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