The Last Bison at 7th St Entry (Opener: Marah in the Mainsail)

The Last Bison

I found out from my friend, Alec, that his band, Marah in the Mainsail, will be opening for The Last Bison at 7th St Entry (First Ave) tomorrow night (4/8/2013). I’ve seen Marah in the Mainsail live and I definitely recommend checking them out. After listening through The Last Bison’s debut album, Inheritance, a few times, I’m confident it will be an amazing show.

The Last Bison comes out of Chesapeake, Virginia. Not only this, but it would seem from their persona that they come out of 18th or 19th century Virginia. The band has been compared to Fleet Foxes, The Decemberists and Mumford & Sons – to name a few – but they’ve done a fantastic job of developing a sound that’s not only unique, but polished, complex and moving. With elements of folk, classical, and other genres, the band classifies themselves as “mountain-top chamber”. I would say their ability to blend rootsy Appalachian folk and orchestra music make this classification well-deserved. Another interesting fact is that front-man, Ben Hardesty, started the band with his father, sister and other friends from home; giving the band an organic sound and chemistry that comes through in their music.

I found an artist out of Austin, Texas a year or two ago on NoiseTrade named Austin Basham, and there are elements of his music that remind me of The Last Bison. I recommend checking him out as well.

This video gives a great bio about The Last Bison:

You can check out the info for the show at 7th St Entry and buy tickets here:

Check out the music video for the band’s song, Switzerland: