Spirit Speaks by All Sons & Daughters

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All Sons & Daughters, out of Journey Church in Nashville, is the worship duo of David Leonard and Leslie Jordan. The song Brokenness Aside is beautifully written and portrays the beauty of our Savior alongside our depravity.

I chose to highlight this live recording of the song Spirit Speaks today for the same reasons I mentioned Brokenness Aside above. Another song about His amazing grace, and it never gets old!

Your Spirit speaks
It moves in me
And I’m awakened to your love

You’re drawing me
On to my knees
And I’m astounded by your love

You spoke life into my lungs
You are the air I breathe
You are the air I breathe
Still you move inside of me
You are the song I sing
You are the song I sing, Jesus

You cover me
With arms that reach
And I’m amazed by your sweet grace

You set me free
And you washed me clean
And I’m forgiven by your grace

With every breath I breathe
With every song I sing
I want to shout it out
Lord I am listening
To every word you speak
I’ll go where you will lead
To love the least of these
Is my greatest offering

Love Is Here by Tenth Avenue North

This song has such a great way of explaining the gospel. We have all thirsted. We have all labored in vain. We have all searched for a treasure that will last. And we have all wanted for love. In all that wanting we have all chosen things that don’t satisfy.

About ten years ago I found the water that quenches thirst. I found the Father that relieves my burdens. I found the treasure that gives me true joy. I found the lover that satisfies the longing that nothing or no one on this earth can satisfy. His name is Jesus and He died so that I might live. He died so that you might live.

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

Romans 5:8

Come to the water
You who thirst
And you’ll thirst no more
Come to the father
You who work
And you’ll work no more
And all you who labor in vain
And to the broken and shamed

Love is here
Love is now
Love is pouring from His hands
From His brow
Love is near
It satisfies
Streams of mercy flowing from His side

‘Cause love is here

Come to the treasure
You who search
And you’ll search no more
Come to the lover
You who want
And you’ll want no more
And all you who labor in vain
And to the broken and shamed

And to the bruised and fallen captives bound and broken hearted
He is the Lord
He is the Lord
By his stripes
He’s paid our ransom
From His wounds we drink salvation
He is the Lord
He is the Lord

What is Worship?

Rather than posting a song today, I thought I’d highlight a quote from an article I read on Relevant Magazine’s website:

“The modern worship movement, with its lights, big bands and swelling songs treads a fine line between leading people into God’s presence and leading them to a rock concert. What makes the difference is up to you. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if the emotions felt during these times of worship are a response to God or a response to the music. But in that moment, you get to decide whether you are worshiping in your spirit or caught up in the show.”

– James Dwyer, Relevant Magazine (Emphasis mine)

View the full article here: http://www.relevantmagazine.com/god/practical-faith/when-worship-real

As a worship leader, this is my constant prayer. I aim to worship the Almighty God through singing and through my actions, prayers and my heart. I want to give my brothers and sisters an opportunity to obey Psalm 33:

Sing joyfully to the Lord, you righteous;

it is fitting for the upright to praise him.

2 Praise the Lord with the harp;

make music to him on the ten-stringed lyre.

3 Sing to him a new song;

play skillfully, and shout for joy.

4 For the word of the Lord is right and true;

he is faithful in all he does.

5 The Lord loves righteousness and justice;

the earth is full of his unfailing love.

I am passionate about music. That’s why I write this blog. But I need to be more passionate about Christ and advancing His kingdom. If we are waiting for the music itself to move us when we congregate on Sunday morning, we aren’t truly worshiping. We must choose to sing to Him; meditating on all His goodness and allowing thoughts of His holiness to sink into our very being until those truths overflow in joy. With every word, action, thought and feeling we choose whether we will worship our Lord in that moment, or simply give in to emotion.

Death In His Grave by John Mark McMillan

I was talking to my friend, Kyle, about John Mark and how I wish that I could write music like him. His lyrics are biblical, yet unique and always heart-wrenching. His sound is simple, yet dynamic, subtly utilizing so many great instruments  that really complement his voice and add so much depth to his songs.

I really like the chorus on Death In His Grave and how, again, it is so biblical, poetic and profound. McMillan helps us stop and think about some of the many facets of the gospel and that our Creator and King humbled himself and became a man, but not just a man, a man that knew no sin, yet was looked at as a criminal and bore the sin of the world on a cross.

Though the earth cried out for blood
Satisfied her hunger was
Her billows calmed on raging seas
for the souls on men she craved

Sun and moon from balcony
Turned their head in disbelief
Their precious love would taste the sting
disfigured and disdained

On Friday a thief
On Sunday a King
Laid down in grief
But awoke with the keys
To hell on that day
The first born of the slain
The Man Jesus Christ
Laid death in his grave

So three days in darkness slept
The morning sun of righteousness
But rose to shame the throes of death
And over turn his rule

Now daughters and the sons of men
Would pay not their dues again
The debt of blood they owed was rent
When the day rolled a new

He has cheated
Hell and seated
Us above the fall
In desperate places
He paid our wages
One time once and for all