Charlie Parr – To A Scrapyard Bus Stop

Charlie Parr

It’s Local Music Monday and I couldn’t resist posting again about local folk artist, Charlie Parr.

This is a very well done video of him performing his song To A Scrapyard Bus Stop. He plays this song on a beat-up 12 string guitar in front a fire place in Bristol, England. Sidenote: the YouTube channel this came from, beforethewinterfires, is full of great acoustic performances recorded in England from some underrated or lesser known artists.

This song is more laid back than 1922, which I posted about last week, but I think better highlights Charlie’s simple, yet profound songwriting and performing.

There’s someone out there, Out in the snow
I think that I knew her, long time ago
Homemade outfit, frayed cap and gloves
She is a monument, a tribute cause

It must be a bus stop, there through the snow
The wind whips right through her thin winter coat

She pulls a cart behind her, there are tracks in the snow
That lead to her possessions, tied up just so
I know that I knew her, but I can’t say how
Long time before anyway, the way she is now

There’s someone out there, but I can’t make her out
Salvation Army shoes on, sole all walked out
I know that I knew her, we were in love
Long time gone anyhow, there comes the bus

Crowd pushes past her, no one looks twice
She looks through her window, and I catch her eye
She doesn’t know me, She looks away
The bus slowly disappears through the snowy haze

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