David Gray – Mutineers

Mutineers by David Gray

I love David Gray. Listening to him talk about his new album and the title track, Mutineers, solidifies the deep thought and the feeling that goes into his songwriting.

It’s amazing to hear about how a song starts as one thing, 95% gets scrapped, the 5% that is kept turns into an entire song and this little melody that is discovered in the process becomes the foundation and theme of the entire song.

Unfortunately, David won’t be in Minnesota anytime soon, but you can catch him in Chicago on August 18 if you’re in the mood for a road trip!

Watch the video below and share your thoughts:

You know the way it is
These thoughts are mutineers
Trying to shake the monkey off my back
So beat the island drum
And steady as she come
And all the stores are closing for the lack
To drink the damn place dry
Only plan of attack

And Babe
Sure feels good
Sure feels good
This moving close
This moving close
Sure feels good babe

And Hey
What could they know
What could they know
Bout what we have
Yeah what we have
What could they know Babe?

The early warning signs
All lit up in my mind
It’s true you know
Some things weren’t meant to be
Until your secret’s out
It’s your worst enemy

Time is ours to burn
Is ours to burn
We got that glide
That freewheel glide
It’s ours to burn babe

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