Field Report – Fergus Falls

Milwaukee Based Band Field Report


Field Report is an up and coming Milwaukee based band with deep midwestern roots. Their ephemeral folk is reminiscent of the music of fellow Wisconsinite Bon Iver, perhaps unsurprising considering the band’s founder, Christopher Porterfield, had previously worked with Justin Vernon in their band DeYarmond Edison back in 2003. Unlike Bon Iver, however, your can actually understand most of Field Report’s lyrics. This last fall Porterfield has really broken out from under Justin Vernon’s shadow and Field Report is definitely a band we will be keeping our eye on.

Although their entire debut album, recently picked up by Partisan Records, is soothing and melodic, the opening track’s reference to Minnesota gives it a special place in our heart.

Listen here and let us know what you think:


This is the one in which I miraculously pulled out of a freefall dive over Fergus Falls, Minnesota
This is the one like ten years ago I told you about where my wings iced up in the fall as it gets colder

I was concealing his kid under his crewneck stateschool sweatshirt while he grinned off in the distance behind prescription shades that were blocking out the clouded out sun while he as hoping against a daughter and no one saw my banners, my bruises, my flares, my flags.

I could have been an artist if I had the tools I could have been a preacher if I suffered fools When we move into the city I know I will have to pay my dues and my respects to his sister and his mother too.


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