John Mark Nelson – The Moon and Stars


After a relatively unknown debut album, 19 year old Minneapolis local John Mark Nelson started to make ripples in the Twin Cities music scene with his sophomore album Waiting and Waiting released last August. Somehow managing to bring a unique sound to that folk singer/songwriter genre, a genre where typically one artist sounds much like another, John Mark Nelson quickly rose to the top my folk playlists when I first heard his music. Waiting and Waiting is a great collection of mellow tunes with a surprising amount of melodic diversity. Thanks in a large part to our favorite local MPR stations, The Current, John Mark Nelson is finally reaching an audience beyond just the young Minneapolitans who closely follow our local music treasures. Having just successfully raised money for a new album through a Kickstarter project, we look forward to see how his music will continue to develop.

Originally I was going to feature the song “Rain Comes Down” off of Nelson’s new album, but I wanted to post a video and currently the only one I could get my hands on was a track called “The Moon and Stars,” a single from the new project I just mentioned. I am actually quite happy about this because it not only gives a glimpse of ¬†where he is going, but I think I actually like this song more than the one I was originally going to play. So enjoy, check out his Facebook page, and see him live on March 2nd at the Icehouse here in Minneapolis.

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