Laura Marling – Once I Was An Eagle

Laura Marling

Laura Marling is an English folk songwriter from Eversley, Hampshire. Her new album, Once I Was An Eagle, starts right in with a dynamic, captivating sound in the song, Take The Night Off.

The new album features sounds and styles that seem to traverse many genres and cultures. The use of what I believe to be a sitar, classical guitar patterns, hand drums and Marling’s purposeful dissonance in certain melodies give songs a Far East feel. Within the same song, Marling creates sounds that are reminiscent of country western, jazz or even 90’s rock.

Marling’s strong, sure voice and melancholy lyrics and melodies give the impression of a person well beyond her years. There are times when Marling’s voice reminds me of Patti Griffin or Brandi Carlile, but she definitely has her own, unique voice. A male counterpart in some aspects might be Jose Gonzalez, but I would consider Marling’s music more versatile.

I’ve highlighted the first track, Take The Night Off, below, but I recommend listening to the whole album.

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