Local Natives – Ceilings

The Local Natives


Today marks the official release of Hummingbird, the second album from Los Angeles based Local Natives. Local Natives came out with their album Gorilla Manor a few years back much to the joy of indie rock fans everywhere. They have been compared to bands like Arcade Fire and Fleet Foxes, but their new album definitely puts them closer to the former band than the latter. If I had to describe Hummingbird in one word, it would be messy, although I say that as a fan and in the best possible way. Their instrumentals are all over the place (think white noise) and they moved away from some of the crisper melodies (comparatively crisp that is) they showed in their earlier album. To be fair however, judging from the picture above, messy just might have been the goal and I can’t deny that it works well for them.

I’m going to say right out that the track I picked to share with you all here is not the most representative song on the album. It is cleaner and more put together, which is undoubtably why I was most drawn to it. But then as a whole this entire album shows more diversity than their debut album did so picking a “representative” song would have been difficult even had I chosen to attempt it.

Local Natives – Ceilings


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