Love Knows No End by Hillsong Live

Written by: Ben Fielding, Harrison Wood & Reuben Morgan

Love Knows No End is a track from the newly released Cornerstone – Live album by Hillsong. The song is sung by David Ware on the album, I think he’s got a great voice. His heart really seems to be in the worship while, at the same time, I get the impression that his voice has not shown it’s full potential – and this is a good thing – I love it when worship leaders are truly exalting God with His people rather than performing.

I lift my eyes to see Your face
I know my help is in Your Name
In everything held by hands of mercy

I will run and not grow weary
I will rise in God my strength
My heart will trust for all my hope is Christ alone

Now my soul sings
Your love it knows no end
Your love it knows no end
Your love it knows no end

I will love for You have loved
I will forgive as You forgive
Your love prevails
You fill my life with hope again

You reign forever
You reign forever
You are the light unto this world

CCLI Song # 6177355

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