Marah in the Mainsail – Devil in the Woods (Acoustic)

One of my favorite bands! Go out and support these folks!

Here’s the post from their Facebook Page explaining the fundraiser:

“Alright world. Here it is. We’re proud to officially announce our Debut EP, “Devil Weeds & Dour Deeds.” We’re almost done! But we need about $2000 more in order to mix and print it, and we need your help!!! We only have 30 days to fund this thing. Every Friday for the next 4 weeks we’ll be releasing a new acoustic performance video to help promote the Kickstarter. Every single penny is a massive blessing. But if you don’t have any spare change, you can always help us out by spreading the word!
Thanks a bundle.”


This song has a gospel-folk feel to it and the harmonies and arrangement of the vocals are amazing. Love it!

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