Pickering Pick – Standing Stone

Sam Pickering Pick

Originally from England, Sam Pickering Pick now lives in Sacramento, California.

It’s difficult to find much information on him (And where a name like Sam Pickering Pick comes from) but this mystery can often make an artist that much more appealing. There is a great interview with him on The Mad Mackerel.

This track has a melancholy feel (which I always love) and sounds as if he’s alone in a big empty room with a piano. His tone and range on this song remind me a little of Tracy Chapman. You might be wondering, “Isn’t Tracy Chapman a woman?” The answer is yes. But compare Fast Car to Standing Stone (or any of the songs on Tropic) and tell me you don’t hear the similarities. I recommend checking out all Pickering Pick’s music at his website: http://pickeringpick.com/

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