Southwire – Live on The Current

Southwire, from Duluth, MN consists of Jerree Small, Ben Larson, Matt Mobley and Sean Elmquist. They performed three songs live on The Current’s Local Show the other day and The Current describes them well when they say the band has a “gorgeous blend of folk and heavy atmospherics.” If I had to categorize it I would say it’s folk with some old soul mixed in.

Jerree Small’s voice reminds me a little of Feist, especially on Gone Astray¬† and the band produces a soothing, ambient sound throughout all their music. If you listen to the live recording you’ll also hear them talk about their church and that Charlie Parr is also a part of it.

You can listen to the entire live session here.

If you like what you hear, Southwire will be performing at 7th Street Entry on Friday, April 19.



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