Thomas Abban

Thomas Abban

It’s been over three years since I’ve written on The Passerby and the catalyst for me to get back in the saddle is this incredible new artist based in Minnesota – Thomas Abban.

Thank you, Andrea Swensson, for introducing us to this amazing young artist on the Current’s Local Show!

Abban is somewhat of a prodigy. His¬†first album, A Sheik’s Legacy,¬†released in July of this year, makes this evident through his truly unique compositions and the fact that he produced the album himself and played all (I believe) the instruments. His songs span many genres with sounds that range from stripped-down folk to epic rock compositions.

Biographical information is somewhat sparse on Abban and this seems to add to his mystical nature and the spectacle of his live shows.

Watch a live performance of “Blackwater” below and comment with your thoughts. I highly recommend listening to the entire album on Spotify.

Abban will be performing at Aster Cafe this Friday if you want to experience one of his live performances for yourself.