The Low Anthem

The Low Anthem

The Low Anthem is a trio (now duo) from Providence, Rhode Island consisting of Ben Miller (vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo, drum kit, pump organ, trumpet, E flat horn, and rack harp), Jeffrey Prystowsky (bass, drum kit, vocals, pump organ, and acoustic guitar) and Jocie Adams (clarinet, vocals, pump organ, drum kit, electric guitar, and bass.) Jocie Adams has since moved on to pursue a solo career, but the music I’m highlighting here features her.

The band shared on their site they are working on a new album, but I’m not sure of a release date.

The first I heard of The Low Anthem was their collaboration with The Chieftains latest album, Voice of Ages. I have been delving into their previous releases (latest was 2010) and I am beginning to see how they fit into my favorite type of music (Americana, Folk, etc.)

Sometimes their sound reminds me of early Bob Dylan on songs like Apothecary Love. Other times Ben Miller’s vocals remind me of Glen Hansard; like on School Days Are Over – their song with The Chieftains (below.) Enjoy!

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