Timeless Tuesday: Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by The Police

I’m reading the sci-fi classic Dune right now and this is what initially made me think of The Police, but more specifically Sting because of his supporting role as Feyd in the 1984 film. Everyone should take the time to watch all 190 minutes of Dune at some point in their life, but you’ll enjoy it more if you have a good sense of humor. Sting’s most memorable, and most disturbing scene, is when he emerges from a space sauna wearing some metallic blue underwear, I would post the photo here, but I want to keep it PG.

I really do enjoy The Police and their many classics: Roxanne, Message in a Bottle, Don’t Stand So Close to Me, Every Breath You Take, and of course, the song I’ve chosen to highlight, Every Little Thing She Does is Magic.

Stewart Copeland’s drums provide the backdrop for the song and the keys fill out the song really nicely. I love this cheesy, 1981 music video for the song.

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