You Are Mine by Enter the Worship Circle

Enter the Worship Circle began with Ben and Robin Pasley in 1993. I recommend going to their site and checking out the full story here:

I planned to share “Centuries” by Aaron Strumpel of Enter the Worship Circle, but I was not able to find a decent recording that was easy to link to. If you have Spotify you can check it out here:

“You Are Mine” is written and performed by Karla Adolphe. This song is great reminder of the purpose God has for us and that we are not put here to merely survive, but to be his vessels and come closer to seeing the full extent of what his infinite power can accomplish through us. It comes from Isaiah 43:1-2.

Maybe I don’t have the strength
Maybe I don’t have the faith
You brought me here in 40 years
I know this trip should take a week

I’ve shed my tears and shed my blood
Been held ransom by the flood
The winter steals my soul away
In all of this I’ve come undone

When you walk though the water, I will be with you
When you pass through the river, the waves will not overtake you
When you walk on the fire, the flames they will not touch you
You are mine, you are mine, you are mine

I’ve been a child, I’ve been a slave
I’ve grown bitter and learned to pray
Packed my bags and started back
The cost was just to high to pay

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